MÚBAIKA, Transcendent Flamenco

What is flamenco? Its history, just like the stories from Sheherezade’s The Thousand and One Nights, came from what we refer to as the East but it gathered many different influences as it made its way to Europe.

Spain, being the strange, paradoxical melting-pot of civilisations it is, came to accept this foreign style as its own. Today, the world looks to us to enjoy its joy, its tragedy, its splendour and its poetry.

Múbaika was born in the instant when song, dance, and poetry transformed into pure music played amongst sweet, warm, and colourful landscapes. It approaches the very cemeteries of pleasure, mourning, and mystery. The instruments give way to voice, which in its patient, carnal, sensual rhythm, later explodes in total gypsy madness.

Múbaika is the flamenco of today, reborn by baroque candle and moonlight. It still remains true to its roots despite man’s attempts to change it.

Víctor M. Burell



Spain, a country with a rather restrained musical evolution, has quite the treasure trove within itself which seems to attract ships from all over the Mediterranean with its siren song. Many have come to regard Levante in the east of Spain, as the cradle of a musical style whose air seems to sing for the pleasure of your ears alone.

TRAMUNTANA, the winds that originate in the north, cross the east, and make their way down south of Spain, share their name with this very special offering from the group. A captivating lullaby played by four trombones that will take you for a ride through these very winds and amongst them, will leave you breathless.

We all know that the wind can sometimes drive us mad. When a compass loses its sense of direction, it can only let itself be carried by its sense of surprise and adventure. Thus music, which is no more than wind itself, cannot be explained; we need to let it seduce us and take us away.

In this case, 2i2quartet keeps with the wind’s tradition but adds to its sound the spoken word. These words soon become ideas and slowly travel through the atmosphere and arrive in our thoughts. In this way, the wind multiplies and what began as a whisper is now the maelstrom of life itself.

Víctor M. Burell

*The “tramuntana” comes from the north, crosses the east and continues south with the magic of its call. It will certainly carry us away…